What our volunteers say

Viv's Story

Viv joined Rennie Grove in 2020 as a volunteer receptionist at Rennie House. Her many years of experience working in the clinical sector were the perfect fit for this frontline role. 

Viv decided to volunteer when she retired as she wanted to be able to make good use of the skills and expertise she had in a public facing role. She signed up with Community Action Dacorum who were promoting the Rennie Grove reception role based at Rennie House in Tring, Hertfordshire. The role was the perfect fit for Viv.

"I love the interaction with the nurses in the office and talking to people both on the phone and on reception," says Viv. With her experience working in A&E, she feels capable to deal with calls from distressed patients and families, and she has the support of the clinical team when transferring the call.

Viv Stockwell on reception

Viv looks forward to her volunteering as she finds it fulfilling, rewarding and a natural extension from her working life. 

“Everyone is so kind,” says Viv. “There's always someone on hand for advice if I need it."

“I feel privileged to volunteer with Rennie Grove and look forward to my Friday afternoon!”

Viv’s first job was with the NHS as a maternity ward receptionist at the South West Herts General Hospital. Viv then moved to the hospital’s Accident and Emergency department on reception.

Her job in A&E demanded a high-level of accuracy and great attention to detail along with the empathy and calm understanding when dealing with people who ​were often frightened and in pain and distress. Her experiences over the years meant that she was well prepared to volunteer as one of our receptions after she retired​.

If you'd like to volunteer with Rennie Grove as a receptionist or in one of our other roles, you can find out more on our vacancies page. You can also get in touch with our volunteering team by filling in our volunteer inquiry form here or by emailing volunteer@renniegrove.org.