What our volunteers say

Faith's story

Faith experienced our hospice at home care with both her mother in 2015 and then her stepfather in 2017, which is why she joined Rennie Grove as a volunteer in the summer of 2019 to help raise funds for our care.

As the main carer for both her mother and stepfather, Faith found the last few weeks of their lives particularly stressful and traumatic.

She said: “If it hadn’t been for the support provided to my parents and me by the Rennie Grove nurses, I literally don’t think I could have got through to the end of their lives without having a breakdown. They were always at the end of the phone, would always say ‘leave it to us’ in a crisis and made sure they did what they’d promised, including fighting on my behalf where necessary.”

Faith always thought she would like to volunteer when she no longer worked. Rennie Grove was her natural first choice after the kindness our nurses had shown her and her parents.

Faith’s volunteer role consists of online research and making phone calls to businesses and other organisations that might be willing to support or continue to support Rennie Grove financially or by participating in an event. Some of her work involves carrying out in-depth research into specific companies and their corporate social responsibility or community-giving history.

Having studied for a PHD, Faith was delighted that her research skills could be put to good use and her role with the corporate fundraising team was the perfect match. Her ability to research, analyse, sift and sort accurately and efficiently, and be able to present the results appropriately were of a real benefit to the team.

Asked what she enjoyed the most about her volunteering, she said: “I really enjoy the feeling that, by applying the skills I’ve learnt through my working life, I may actually be helping to equip Rennie Grove with knowledge, ideas and information that can enhance their relationships with new and existing supporters, promoting mutually beneficial partnerships where possible. I also love being in an office environment on a regular basis and benefitting from the friendship and appreciation shown to volunteers by all staff.”

As a volunteer Faith feels incredibly humbled that she makes a small but positive contribution to our work. She also feels very appreciated when the team share their successes with her too!