Vice Presidents & Presidents' Circle


Our Vice Presidents and Presidents' Circle are extremely valuable to us as they offer support through regular, tax-efficient donations of £1,000 or more each year, for a minimum of three years. Your regular gift could help fund the £59,000 we need for a Rennie Grove night nurse, helping patients when they’re at their most vulnerable and preventing unnecessary hospital admissions at night. Donations can be made monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually. 

If you'd like to find out more about becoming a Vice President please contact Lisa Haworth-Langford via email here or by calling 01442 820747 for more information.

You can read more about becoming a Vice President and the difference ​they make in your local community here.

“Whenever I spend time with Rennie Grove nurses, I am deeply impressed by their knowledge, attention to detail, empathy and ability to care deeply for whatever the situation is that they are confronted with. Although their priority is always the patient, their commitment to the whole family is utterly brilliant. I have chosen to become a Rennie Grove Vice President because I want to ensure this incredible service is available for everyone who needs it, now and in the future”.
Professor Stephen Spiro, Chair of Trustees Rennie Grove Hospice Care

We're proud to now have over forty Vice Presidents

We’re delighted that our group of Rennie Grove Vice Presidents has grown considerably over the last year. We now have over 40 Vice Presidents who have made a three year commitment to Rennie Grove.

John Groves, son of Joint President Dr Mary Groves, was delighted to become our 40th Vice President earlier this year. “I first became involved with Rennie Grove through Grove House and later organised a series of golf days to help raise funds for the charity.

I know the Vice Presidents scheme is extremely important to Rennie Grove, providing much needed stability and resilience, especially during these unprecedented times when many fundraising events like the golf days and dinners have had to be postponed or cancelled. It is a pleasure to join this exciting scheme to help fund the unique overnight service and help the charity to plan in the most uncertain of times.”

The growth of the Vice Presidents scheme has enabled Rennie Grove to fund the role of overnight team Clinical Nurse Specialist, Lynda, providing patients and families with nursing visits and support at any time of the night 365 days a year. 

John EarthActive

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Unless they wish to remain anonymous, the names of our Vice Presidents and Presidents’ Circle members appear on our website here.