Donate to our Shops

Visiting one of our shops? Read our COVID guidelines and information on donating here.

Thanks to your support, our shops and other retail schemes bring in almost £3 million each year – that’s over 25% of our total annual running costs.

The reason our shops do so well is that you donate good quality items on a regular basis for us to sell. Most of our shops have parking nearby so you can drop off your donations of good quality clothing, shoes, toys, jewellery, bags, books, curtains, DVDs and CDs. View a list of our shop locations

Generating maximum income from your donations

 We aim to maximise the income potential of all items that our supporters generously donate for us to sell.  We do this through a five-step process. 

  1. Any item deemed to be a ‘collectible’ or simply something we think would attract an audience far more wide-ranging than our shops alone can reach, we allocate to our ebay store. Our shop managers are masters at spotting a prospective ebay success, we can often secure higher prices for certain types of goods and collectibles through eBay than we can through our shops with some single items fetching over £1,000.
  2. A donated item of clothing is priced and displayed for sale in the shop to which it was donated.
  3. If, however, it remains unsold after one or two weeks, our team of volunteers will move it onto another shop as part of our stock rotation policy.
  4. If it still doesn’t sell for full price, we’ll relocate it to one of our three discount stores: in Chesham, the Marlowes (Hemel Hempstead) or Harpenden.
  5. If it remains unsold, we’ll include it in our ‘bag of rags’.There is value in unsold items as most items can be recycled to create functional items such as J cloths and loft insulation so we can still make money from any items we can’t sell in our shops. 

Recycling ‘rags’ is a great way of making money whilst ensuring our stock is regularly refreshed for our repeat customers.  But don’t forget that you can bypass the first stages in this process and donate your green ‘rags’ directly! 

Too worn or torn to sell?

We can recycle many items that are unsuitable for sale – so don’t be bashful – just bag up your ‘rags’ and bring them to us. Last year we raised £150,000 by recycling your rags and bags (and shoes and belts). We can also recycle mobile phones and sell old cameras on eBay (our camera-savvy volunteers can create a working camera from several broken cameras).

So here's a summary of how you can recycle to raise funds.

  • Recycle your ‘rags': if you have clothes that are torn or too worn to sell, then pop them in a bag marked ‘rags' and drop it into your nearest shop. We made £150,000 from recycling rags last year!
  • Recycle your bags, belts and bras! .

Gift Aid

We can now claim an extra 25% in Gift Aid on the value of the items that you donate. In terms of revenue, Gift Aid can make as much as a whole extra shop! So please ask your local shop manager about signing up to our Gift Aid scheme when you drop off donations or download a form and hand it in or post it to us.

Items we can’t accept 

Regrettably, we are unable to accept furniture and large electrical items, such as fridges and washing machines, and due to Health & Safety concerns we cannot accept baby equipment or sports equipment. We have also stopped taking videos and cassettes. We are sorry for any inconvenience but thank you for your support.

If you have a question about donating goods to our shops, please contact your nearest shop, or