Silverson Corporate patron

Corporate Patron Programme

Becoming a corporate patron not only means that you will be making a difference to families in your community but you can meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, get your team involved in fundraising and generate positive publicity opportunities through your association with a key regional charity. 

For more information about the programme or to become a corporate patron, please contact Nicola  

DIAMOND PATRON: £500 + per month

£500 will fund our entire night team for one whole night meaning our patients and their carers can receive a visit from one of our nurses 24 hrs a day. This prevents costly and distressing hospital admissions and provides huge reassurance for patients and families

PLATINUM PATRON: £300 per month         

Could fund the cost of a series of six one-to-one counselling sessions with a Family Support Services counsellor, helping families to cope with illness and bereavement.​

GOLD PATRON: £100 per month

After one year's partnership your donation could buy a new syringe pump. A vital piece of medical equipment used by our nurses to help make our hospice at home patient’s final days of life more comfortable.

SILVER PATRON: £50 per month

Every month your donation could fund a first assessment visit to a new hospice at home patient. Helping our nurses understand their needs and wishes and draw up their personal care plan.