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Corporate Patron Programme

Becoming a corporate patron not only means that you will be making a difference to families in your community, but you can meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, get your team involved in fundraising and generate positive publicity opportunities through your association with a key regional charity.

"Red Door Recruitment has been supporting the amazing Rennie Grove for many years. The work they carry out for end-of-life care is absolutely essential to the well-being of our loved ones. Their dedication and passion for the care they give are unparalleled. We have been involved in many of their creative fundraisers including the Question of Sport dinner, Sky Diving, and Wing Walking to name a few. Not only did we raise essential funds but our team had great fun doing it too!"
Louise Wynne- Red Door Recruitment
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DIAMOND PATRON: £500 + per month

£500 will fund our entire night team for one whole night meaning our patients and their carers can receive a visit from one of our nurses 24 hrs a day. This prevents costly and distressing hospital admissions and provides huge reassurance for patients and families

PLATINUM PATRON: £300 per month         

Could fund the cost of a series of six one-to-one counselling sessions with a Family Support Services counsellor, helping families to cope with illness and bereavement.​

GOLD PATRON: £100 per month

After one year's partnership your donation could buy a new syringe pump. A vital piece of medical equipment used by our nurses to help make our hospice at home patient’s final days of life more comfortable.

SILVER PATRON: £50 per month

Every month your donation could fund a first assessment visit to a new hospice at home patient. Helping our nurses understand their needs and wishes and draw up their personal care plan.

Download our Corporate Patron Leaflet here