Angela's Story

Angela visited Rennie Grove’s day services building, Grove House, after being diagnosed with breast cancer and had undergone a difficult surgery. Since early 2019 she has been visiting Grove House once a week and has found great benefit in the help and support she receives there.

“I entered an extremely stressful time in my life when I faced complications after a surgical procedure. My son insisted I should visit Grove House and speak to the Rennie Grove staff about what I had been through. I was then advised to visit one of their counsellors. I was in a bad state but after speaking to them I began to have a more positive outlook on life and was able to feel more relaxed about what had happened to me. That was the start of my Rennie Grove journey.

“I was very unsure when I first came to Grove House. I didn’t know what to expect. My son was supportive as he wanted me to come here but I was not sure. I must admit, I was very surprised at how everyone made me feel so comfortable. I knew I was one of the youngest patients here, and that worried me initially, but it didn’t matter at all.

“I was encouraged by the Rennie Grove staff to try some of the services on offer at Grove House and I have to say that it was absolutely the right thing for me to do. I have always been made to feel completely at ease straight away and now I know that I can talk comfortably with the wonderful nurses and volunteers each week, which is great for my peace of mind.

“I’ve felt benefits to my physical health since taking part in the weekly exercise classes. We move every part of our bodies while we sit in a chair. We can have a giggle as well as doing something good for our health at the same time. Even the people who sadly aren’t able to move much can take part. Everyone has such a positive attitude which really lifts your mood. It might sound silly that we are exercising when we are sat down in a chair but we are moving and small and simple movements can make a big difference.

“I’m a crafty person and I was particularly keen to join the weekly art class. We copy a painting and work on it each week and it’s a really relaxing way to spend your time. I look forward every week to being able to talk to other people with a similar interest in art.

“I make lace jewellery bags and gift cards that I sell in aid of Rennie Grove. So many people who use the day services look for ways to raise money for the charity to give something back after what they have been able to do for us.

“I’m able to unwind when I come to Grove House thanks to Rennie Grove and the services they provide. When I’m here it feel like I’m in paradise. Using Rennie Grove’s services is the best thing that could have happened to me. The services help you to enjoy your life more and feel happy. There are some days when you arrive and are feeling low and miserable but when I get home after a day at Grove House and my husband asks me if I’ve had a good day, I’m just smiling. That’s the difference Rennie Grove makes."

​July 2019