Margery's story

St Albans resident Margery Pike is on a maintenance dose of chemo to control her cancer and her condition is currently stable.  She explains how the Rennie Grove services available at Grove House have helped her…

“The Drop-in Sessions (on Tuesdays from 9am till 1pm) are wonderful.  I like the fact that you can try things out and then choose what you want to do.  For example, I tried the new Auricular Acupuncture service – but it’s not really for me!  I loved the Reiki tasters though and I pay for Reiki treatments now with a private practitioner because I find them so helpful. 

“I tried Tai Chi as well – but that was too much like hard work!  I tend to bypass the gentle exercise session altogether and just go straight for coffee and a catch up.  But that’s what is so great about Grove House: you get to know what works for you and then you make an informed choice and keep doing what works for you.  My sessions with the Doctor here have been amazing – I always come out feeling like I’ll live till I’m 90!”

“The thing with cancer is that you have no control over what the disease is doing inside you.  So to come to Grove House and discover coping strategies like the Reiki and Advanced Care Planning (noting down what I want to happen if I get really ill) give me back some sense of control.

“I know that Rennie Grove will be there whenever I need help.  In the future this might mean I need to call them at 2am, if my condition deteriorates and I need to access their Hospice at Home service.  I know they’ll be there for me no matter what and that brings such peace of mind.

“A friend of mine said it took her three attempts to get through the doors at Grove House, she was so worried about what it meant to go inside. But it’s a building dedicated to life and living and I would urge everyone to ‘drop in’ to the Drop-in to experience this for themselves.”