Amanda's thank you letter

From the onset of my dealings with you all I have found the care and love second to none.

I am writing to say ‘Thank You’ to the amazing team of staff and volunteers that you have at Grove House.

From the onset of my dealings with you all I have found the care and love second to none. I was in the middle of a storm when I arrived, in desperate need of solace. You gave me shelter and helped me to develop the coping skills that I would require to get me through my Cancer Journey. Week by week I could slowly claim back what the diagnosis had taken from me. My confidence was shattered and my health poor. I grew to understand myself better than I could have imagined. I took strength from seeing my peers who were like me, struggling with the life that we were to call normal now. All along the difficult path that was being trod, being kept safe at Grove House. Yes, safe in the knowledge that a whole team of people were walking beside me, knowing that no mask was required and tears were free to flow. Gentle words of encouragement, kind deeds and laughter available at every session. Quality time to reflect and share my experiences. Lifting me high when spirits were low, tapping into unrealised skills (Monet I am not!), developing my self worth, giving me the ability to start thinking again and guiding my recovery. Massages, cooked lunches and haircuts, all pushing me forwards to recovery.

It hasn’t been an easy journey for me but without you all I wouldn’t have been able to come this far. I know I am not ‘fixed’ but sit comfortably where I am, armed and ready to go forward with my life. I am back at work and am taking a course at college, so inspired by what I have received, that I might be able one day to help others who are in need.

Kindest Regards


January 2014