a children's hospice at home nurse

Children's Hospice at Home 

Rennie Grove Hospice Care provides a specialist 24/7 Children’s Hospice at Home Service for babies, children and young people up to the age of 19 living with a life-limiting condition in parts of Bucks and Herts.  Our team of children’s nurses provides flexible and responsive care tailored to each family’s needs to help ensure that the children are able to fulfil their potential and enjoy the best quality of life possible, however short that life may be.

The Children’s Hospice at Home Team operates a 24/7 Hospice at Home Service enabling parents to call on their nursing expertise in a time of crisis at any time of the day or night.  Often a visit from a Rennie Grove nurse can help a parent stabilise a child’s condition, set minds at rest and avoid the distress of an unnecessary hospital admission. 

In addition to practical nursing care, Rennie Grove Children’s Nurses provide vital advice and support to parents equipping them with the skills and signposting them to the resources they need to be able to care for their child at home.  They also carry out planned visits which give parents the opportunity to hand over the care of their child for a few hours to a trusted, specialist nurse while they take some time for themselves or give any other children in the family some dedicated attention. 

The Nurses will also support parents to take their child out if that is a challenge for the family to ensure that the child is able to enjoy as many normal childhood experiences as possible.

Our aim is to support families to care for their children at home. For some families this may be for many years after they receive the news that their child has a life-limiting condition. For others the time between hearing this news and the child dying is likely to be very brief. Our team is able to respond quickly and can support a child coming home from hospital for the final weeks, days or even hours. They can spend that final precious time at home, with their family away from the noise and stresses of the hospital, but knowing that they will receive the best of care and support.

We also actively support young people approaching the age of 19 to transition smoothly from children’s to adults’ services to ensure that their ongoing needs are​ considered.  Read our full Transition Statement.

How do I access the Children's Hospice at Home service?

You can ask your GP or children's community nurse to refer you child to Rennie Grove or you can email us on help@renniegrove.org and ask us to send you a self-referral form for the children's service. 

The Rennie Grove Hospice Care Children's Hospice at Home Service is also supported by The Pepper Foundation which raises funds specifically to support the care provided by the Rennie Grove children's team.  Find out more about The Pepper Foundation.