Where we provide support

learn more about our catchment area across Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire

Caring for patients and families across Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire

We provide care for patients with life-limiting illness whose GP surgery falls within our catchment area across Buckinghamshire and west Hertfordshire.

Our care is provided through our five specialist service teams, who work collaboratively to help patients’ and their families live the best life they possibly can.  An important first step is to match patients with the service which best meets their immediate needs. Once referred into the care of that specialist team, it is an easy process to bring on board expertise from other teams as needed. Most of our services are available throughout our entire catchment area.  Where there are exceptions we can initially refer to similar services closer to home, with our other teams still able to come on board as needed.

Please click on the relevant area of the map below to see the services available in Herts and Bucks.