Grove House Day Services

our multi-disciplinary team are here to help you to live well from diagnosis, whatever the prognosis

Who is this service intended for? anyone who has been diagnosed with a potentially life-limiting illness

When is this service available? weekdays - please consult programme timetables for specific timings

Where is this service provided? at Grove House in St Albans, online and in the community across Bucks and Herts

About our Grove House Day Services  

Our Grove House Day Services help our patients live well throughout their illness. Wellbeing clinics, therapies and courses offer clinical, practical and emotional support to help patients live the best life they can from diagnosis, through treatment, and, in some cases, through their recovery. 

Our day services are open to anyone across our catchment area who has received a potentially life-threatening diagnosis. Some patients may be on a palliative path; others may be on a curative one. While some of our day services are available online or in the home, the majority take place at our Grove House location in St Albans. For our Bucks patients who find that location too distant, we can refer to similar day services closer to home (in this case please be reassured our community-based services, such as Family Support, can still support you). 

  • drop-in sessions – pop in to our Grove House day centre for a chat and find out how we can help you or someone you know.  Our drop-in hours are Tues-Thurs 9am-3pm and Fridays 9am-1pm
  • specialist nurse clinics – a one-to-one consultation to discuss your healthcare needs and other support you or your family may need
  • the Living Well programme – get specialist advice and peer support in a positive and active environment one day a week
  • physiotherapy – manage your physical and psychological well-being with simple exercises and equipment in sessions at Grove House or your home
  • occupational therapy – stay active and independent with OT sessions at Grove House or your home 
  • music therapy – music is a great way to improve mood and wellbeing
  • course and activities – feel empowered through our HOPE course; enjoy some low-pressure gardening at our beautiful gardens at Grove House; or boost your fitness, flexibility and well-being with The Movement, an exercise class delivered remotely over Zoom or in person at Grove House.  Visit our courses and activities page for more information

Like all Rennie Grove services, our Grove House Day Services are completely free of charge. They’re not means tested and there’s no cost to the patient or their family. We can deliver the services thanks to the generosity of the local community. In short, donations, charity shop income and fundraising events cover 91% of our running costs.   

If you’re registered with a GP in our catchment area of Bucks and west Herts, you can either:

  • ask your GP, or any healthcare provider involved in your care, to refer you to Grove House Day Services (If you are making the request by email you may wish to copy and paste this link into the email for their reference).


  • you can self refer, by simply phoning us on 01727 731000 or dropping in to Grove House between 9am and 3pm Tuesday to Thursday or 9am-1pm on Friday, when our nurses will be able to advise and assess your needs. When self-referring, it is helpful if you can provide us with your GP name and address and your preferred method of contact.

Healthcare professionals can find referral information for this service on our ‘referring to Grove House Day Services’ page, which is here:

At Rennie Grove, our five service teams work collaboratively to help patients and their families live the best quality life they can.  You can learn more about the role each service plays to support adults facing life-changing illness, and their families, here.