Rennie Grove patient family and nurse

What’s it like to work as a Rennie Grove Nurse? 

All our staff and volunteers share our ethos of patient-centred care, so you’ll be working with like-minded people in a supportive, passionate and dynamic environment.

What sets Rennie Grove apart from other healthcare providers and employers?

  • Our nurses have time with patients: you can give the care you were trained to give, rather than having to rush on to the next appointment. 
  • No matter how busy the team gets, you’ll have regular ‘protected’ supervision because we believe that debriefing is crucial.
Beth "I can sit and talk to patients and their families and spend much more time than I ever could on a ward, which is better for me as a nurse and for them."
  • You’ll be part of the only organisation locally offering 24/7 responsive palliative care in patients’ homes.
  • You’ll be able to provide hands-on and specialist care to patients.
  • We’ll provide a bespoke training package so you can fulfil your potential with us.
  • You’ll have an extensive induction to all aspects of the organisation so you’ll feel part of the Rennie Grove team.
  • You'll join our six-month mentorship programme so you’ll feel fully supported.
Marina"Rennie Grove offers comprehensive support in the form of a four-week induction and six-month mentoring programme"
  • You’ll have ongoing access to Continuing Professional Development opportunities. 
  • As you progress we’ll offer you appropriate training to support you in your new role. This could include training as a nurse prescriber or specialising in a specific disease area.
  • We’re a pilot site for the RCN Learning Agreement so you’ll have exclusive access to additional training.
  • Your career development is actively encouraged; many of our current senior nurses are ‘home grown’.
Beth"There’s a focus on building on your qualifications through an educational programme"

Marina"You may have the option to progress to Clinical Nurse Specialist level and train as a nurse prescriber – or develop an interest in a specific area"

  • You’ll be helping people at the most difficult time in their lives.
  • You’ll be welcomed into people’s homes and be able to help the whole family.
  • You’ll be well-respected by your peers for your holistic approach and assessment skills.
  • You’ll liaise with healthcare professionals in all sectors and at all levels.
  • You’ll be asked to advise on dosage, symptom control and pain relief by other healthcare providers.
  • You’ll be making a difference to hundreds of people who will never forget you.

"The whole team – not just the nurses but staff across the whole organisation – are so positive and really believe in the cause."

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Marina - Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Wycombe team

“Rennie Grove embraces mobile working to maximise efficiency. Our IT systems enable us to manage our time effectively around patient visits and help us to keep expenses such as travel to a minimum.”
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Beth - Band 5 palliative care nurse in the Herts Team

“Working lates really isn’t a problem because there is great support from the rest of the team and the night staff even ask us to ring them so they know we’ve got home safely."
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