Children’s Hospice at Home referral criteria

To access care from our Children’s Hospice at Home team, patients should satisfy the following criteria:

  • The child/young person is aged 0-17 years at time of first referral                      
  • The young person is aged between 17-19 years with a prognosis that
  • death is expected before their 19th birthday    
  • The child/young person has a life limiting/life threatening condition which may require palliative care as defined by the eligibility criteria set out below

Group 1

Life threatening conditions for which curative treatment may fail e.g. cancer, irreversible organ failure


Group 2

Conditions where premature death is anticipated but intensive treatment may prolong life e.g. complicated cystic fibrosis, HIV


Group 3

Progressive conditions without curative treatment options where treatment is exclusively palliative e.g. Battens disease, mucopolysaccharidoses


Group 4

Conditions causing severe neurological disability leading to susceptibility of health complications and likelihood of premature death e.g. severe cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities following brain or spinal cord insult


(ACT & RCPCH 2003)


Children in Group 4 may require further assessment.