Supporting us at work

Support local charity at work and make a difference in your workplace and local community

Supporting us at work

Corporate volunteering is a fun, engaging way to support local charity at work

Encouraging your staff to volunteer for Rennie Grove is a great way to support local charity at work. Colleagues can volunteer individually or in groups, competing within teams or even against other companies at our corporate challenge events. 

Join us for street collections, eBay listing, gardening at Grove House, event marshalling or our highly competitive Shop Wars or fundraising Challenge Day!  

Work-based volunteering brings loads of benefits, such as upskilling and stronger team spirit. It can also provide companies with positive publicity opportunities, helping you reach a wider audience. And you’ll be making a huge difference to local families dealing with life-limiting illness. 

Find out more about corporate volunteering

Your staff teams can spend a fun and informative day volunteering in a Rennie Grove charity shop. It might be fun and friendly on the shop floor – but it’s all about the win in Shop Wars! Teams compete against colleagues to see who can raise the most money in one day for local hospice care.

Teams can learn, compete and have fun supporting local charity at work with the Rennie Grove fundraising team. Volunteers could be office-based or out and about – whatever it takes to bring in the most money and claim the prize! And of course, all your efforts go straight to funding patient care.

For an outdoor opportunity in tranquil surroundings, volunteers can swap the workshop or workstation for the gardens at Grove House. Time spent here is always uplifting, and volunteers’ efforts will make a direct difference to patients. Get involved with planting, preparing plants for sale, prepping the garden for open days and supporting patients to enjoy the garden. Learn lots and enjoy making a difference as you work alongside our head volunteer gardener at Grove House.

Based in Berkhamsted, at our retail team’s head office, you’ll be tasked with listing items on Rennie Grove’s eBay store. Whether you’re an eBay expert or an eBay novice, this is a great way to support local charity at work. You get to research hidden gems and you’ll feel a huge sense of achievement as bids roll in.

Enjoy the buzz of our challenge events and play a vital part in helping them run smoothly. Staff can marshal along a route, give out refreshments, or help to register participants as they arrive and finish. Even better if colleagues are taking part, event volunteering is a fun and sociable way to support local charity at work. Choose from our Chilterns 3 Peaks Challenge, Herts 10K, Open Water Swim and more.

Payroll giving – an easy and effective way to support local charity at work  

Payroll or salary giving – also known as ‘give as you earn’ – is an easy and tax-free way to support Rennie Grove. When you donate straight from your pre-tax salary as part of a give-as-you-earn scheme, the government adds the tax you would have paid as an extra donation. So, your contribution is increased at no extra cost to you or your employer. Give as you earn is a flexible system that allows you to donate as much or as little as you’d like on a regular basis. Contact us if it’s something you’d like your company to set up. We can talk you through how to put payroll giving in place.  

Call us on 01442 820720 or email or complete our enquiry form. 

What are the benefits of payroll giving?  

  • Donations are deducted from salaries before tax, making it a tax-efficient way to give.  
  • It’s easy to set up and any administration costs are tax deductible too. 
  • Include give-as-you-earn donations in your Charity of the Year targets. 
  • You can use the government’s Payroll Giving Quality Mark – and you may qualify for a Quality Award Mark if you promote your scheme. 
  • Payroll giving can help companies win other national awards, such as the National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards or the Pay and Benefits Awards. 


Matched giving – double the donation for twice the impact

As an employer, you can match employees’ fundraising efforts and make their donation worth twice as much for Rennie Grove. Matched giving is a great way to support local charity at work because it shows your staff, customers and local community that you care. 

Matched giving has many benefits  

  • It’s simple to set up and easy to administer. 
  • Matched giving is proven to increase employee engagement. 
  • It can be customised to suit your matching criteria. 
  • Matched giving is tax-effective because it can be deducted from your organisation’s corporation tax. 

“A recent CAF report found that matching employees’ fundraising efforts can lead to improved staff productivity and loyalty, as well as boosting an employer’s public perception.”

Rennie Grove

Matched giving can be applied to all sorts of employee fundraising, including payroll giving, regular gifts by direct debit, personal donations, fundraising donations and corporate volunteering.   

Get in touch if you’d like your company to set up a matched giving scheme. Our dedicated team can help you maximise your support for local charity at work.