Spring Appeal

Please help us reach more people struggling with illness and bereavement


The Family Support Services team at Rennie Grove provides patients and their families with the emotional, practical and psychological support they need to cope with illness and bereavement.

Because dealing with life-limiting and terminal illness is hard.

​Patients and their families can feel afraid, alone and overwhelmed. We all grieve differently. And we might need help at different points along the way. We want to be here for everyone who needs us. As soon as they need us and for as long as they need us.

Spring Appeal Assets_LisaLisa, Head of Family Support Services, explains the impact of the pandemic -
"More people than ever are asking us for help. COVID-19 meant we all had to learn to live in social isolation. Putting extra pressures on our relationships and taking away our wider support networks.

But imagine how that must feel when you’re dealing with life-limiting illness too. Patients were petrified of catching it. Families were fearful of passing it on. Carers had no respite. People couldn’t say goodbye properly.

Although we’re learning to live with COVID-19 now, my team is supporting people who are trying to deal with the impact of the pandemic every day. More referrals, more complex cases, higher levels of serious psychological distress. The sort that leads to suicidal thoughts. Every day, someone comes to us, desperate for help, because they’re having these thoughts."

COVID-19 made caring, grieving and saying goodbye much harder.

Your gift today could help us ​be there for those who need us when facing illness and bereavement.

Support our Spring Appeal and donate now (please quote '​Spring Appeal' in the 'reason for donation' box). You can also make a donation by calling 01442 890222.​​

Heather's Story

Rennie Grove Hospice Care Spring AppealHeather suffered two bereavements just five weeks apart, both during lockdown last year. First, she cared for her Dad. Then she took on the same role for her father-in-law. Both were Rennie Grove patients. Heather says the charity not only helped her fulfil that role as carer with confidence and compassion – but also helped her overcome the complex mix of emotions she felt after they passed away.

Spring Appeal Assets_Heather and Daughters

“When I first got referred to Rennie Grove’s counsellors, I was desperate to feel better. I wanted a magic bullet. Of course, there’s no such thing. I needed the time and space to work through all my feelings, to talk about them and reflect on them, unravel them. And we did this together, in a dozen sessions over several months." Heather

Read Heather's moving story about how the Rennie Grove counsellors helped her and her family face their feelings and finally make peace with them.

The difference your donation will make

  • £30 could pay for a one-hour session with a trained specialist counsellor for a patient, carer or family member to help them cope with illness and bereavement. 
  • £60 could pay for two face-to-face or telephone sessions to support a patient, carer or family member. Most people see us for a minimum of six sessions but many need more. 
  • £90 could pay for three hours of training for a bereavement listener to help us be there for those who need us. Our bereavement listeners are here to help those desperately in need of emotional support.

Any gift that you make will be greatly appreciated. Your gift today means that our Family Support team can provide specialist counselling to support people like Heather and her daughter when they’re suffering bereavement and loss.