Grove House Virtual Tour

We're delighted to say that following the completion of the Grove House redevelopment project, we will begin to welcome patients and families back into the building to attend individualised sessions from 14 September. We will take a phased approach to re-opening services, taking account of the additional measures needed to protect against COVID-19 and ensure the safety of our patients.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has also meant that we have been unable to hold an opening event so that people can visit to see our superb new facilities. However, using a new 3D technology based on Google Street View, we're able to open up the building to everyone via a virtual tour. To experience the remodelled, bright and modern spaces at Grove House for yourself, click on the play button below to begin the tour​.

​The tour contains pink and purple dots which you can hover over to reveal content. A short video clip is embedded behind each of the pink dots which introduce you to the room you are currently seeing and outline how it will be used. The purple dots contain a link to a web page which lists the furniture and equipment we still need to fund for that particular room.

You can navigate your way around the tour with mouse clicks in a similar way to Google Street View – or alternatively, you can click on the small triangular play button in the bottom left hand corner and the tour will play itself. You might want to play the tour through first from beginning to end first and then navigate your way around yourself so that you can click on the hotspots and find out more about the building.

We hope you enjoy looking around the newly-transformed Grove House and that you are as excited as we are about opening it up for the benefit of our patients and families.