Our ​strategy

​Meeting the Need - 2019-22

Our strategy sets out how we plan to fulfil our purpose to enable everyone with a life-limiting illness to live well for as long as possible and have the choice to die at home. 

hospice at home

National Challenges

In order to do this, we recognise that we must focus on addressing the following national challenges which help define the need in our local area:

1. More people, living longer into older age

2. Increasing number of inappropriate hospital admissions for patients at or nearing the end of life, adding to NHS pressures​

3. Lack of co-ordination of support for those caring for people at the end of life
4. More people are living in care homes as they near the end of life who often have an unsatisfactory end-of-life experience 

Key aims

Our key strategic aims will help us meet this need:

1. To support GPs and other Healthcare Professionals to identify patients who would benefit from Rennie Grove services
practical nursing
2. To provide services to a wider number of people at an earlier stage to plan better for the end of life and reduce inappropriate hospital admissions
hours of care
3. To ensure our services are personalised and flexible to fit both patients and those caring for them
patients family members
4. To develop expertise within and in support of care homes to improve end-of-life experiences
Caring for older people in the community

Our strategy wheel

We will focus our strategic activities in three major areas to strengthen the charity and ensure we are in a position to succeed in our strategic aims and meet the need of the local community. 

Rennie Grove strategy wheel