Our Strategy

How we plan to reach the growing number of people who need our care

Why do charities need strategic plans? 

As a charity, we rely heavily on your generous support. So, we have a duty to use your kind donations wisely and well. Making sure we’re as efficient as possible and always delivering the best possible care for every patient.  

Our strategy sets out how we’ll deliver hospice care

Most importantly, Rennie Grove’s strategy sets out how we plan to fulfil our purpose. Firstly, to enable everyone with a life-limiting illness to live well for as long as possible. And secondly, that anyone with a terminal illness can have the choice to die at home.

Our strategy sets out how we’ll deliver hospice care

How national healthcare challenges impact Rennie Grove’s strategy 

Our strategic plan takes into account national pressures on the NHS, as well as what we see happening locally. In short, we know that:

A growing number of patients at or nearing the end of life are admitted to hospital when they don’t need to be

Support for families caring for people nearing end of life is often uncoordinated

An increasing number of people are living in care homes as they near the end of life

More people living longer into older age

Reaching more people with palliative care needs in Herts and Bucks  

In Rennie Grove’s strategy, our key strategic aims target these healthcare challenges as follows: 

  1. We support GPs and other healthcare professionals to identify patients who would benefit from our services.
  2. Consequently, we can provide services to more people at an earlier stage. So we can plan better for the end of life and keep more people at home and out of hospital. 
  3. In addition, we’ll continue to make sure all our services are personalised and flexible to fit each patient and the people caring for them.
  4. We’ll work with care homes to develop staff expertise and improve end-of-life experiences for everyone. 

Rennie Grove’s strategy wheel 

We focus our strategic activities in three major areas: efficiency, engagement, and improvement. In short, we work across the charity to make sure your support is put to the best use possible. In other words, helping more people live well for as long as possible, with the choice to die at home.  

Rennie Grove strategy wheel