Our purpose and values

At Rennie Grove we aim to help people with life-limiting illness live their best life possible, and have the choice to die at home

Our purpose 

Everyone with a life-limiting illness should: 

  • be able to live well for as long as possible  
  • have the choice to die at home 

We put patients and families at the heart of our specialist care: 

  • visiting day and night as needed 
  • supporting patients to live the best quality life possible 
  • helping families make every moment together matter 

Our values

Our values underpin how we work together to achieve the Rennie Grove purpose.

We strive for excellence  

At Rennie Grove, each of us takes responsibility for working towards our own goals, linked to Rennie Grove’s purpose and our organisational strategy. Above all, we value two-way communication because we know that’s how we can keep improving. So, we encourage our workforce of staff and volunteers to speak up, find solutions and try new things. And we ask the patients and families we support to feedback to us about their experience of our care.  

We develop and innovate   

Each member of staff takes responsibility for continually developing themselves in pursuit of Rennie Grove’s purpose. By embracing all the different learning opportunities on offer – including your feedback we can each perform at our best and make sure more families get the best possible care. 

We respect and value   

At Rennie Grove, we embrace diversity and value difference. Whether it’s professional differences, difference in lived experience, or different expertise, ideas, views or needs – we respect others’ skills, contributions and wishes.   

We’ll always act with integrity, honouring the trust people place in us, and respecting people’s dignity and choice. This ethos underpins the Rennie Grove purpose. 

We engage and empower  

We build the best possible relationships through communication and collaboration. By working together and trusting one another, we can achieve the Rennie Grove purpose. So, we recognise, learn from and celebrate expertise and achievement within Rennie Grove and across our partners. And we listen and respond to our patients, their families, our staff, volunteers, and our community of supporters.  

We are caring and compassionate  

We show empathy, treating people with kindness and respect. We recognise different perspectives and adapt the way we communicate to help people convey how they feel. In addition, we share our own thoughts and feelings where appropriate. But we also take responsibility for the impact our words and actions can have on others. We listen carefully – to patients, family members, colleagues and supporters – using our skills to draw out any unspoken concerns.  

Our impact

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Our impact

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