Our Impact - Engagement

The engagement section of our strategy focuses on our income generation and awareness-raising activities and how we communicate with our audiences. 

Engagement in 2019-20


During 2019-20 our fundraising activity raised £3.8 million, making a net contribution of £3.04 million to patient care.
piggy bank
  • The fundraising and retail and trading teams successfully met their budgets, making net contributions to patient care of  £3.04 million and £1.1 million respectively. 
  • The Grove House Capital Appeal succeeded in raising £513,000 towards the cost of the redevelopment of the building while also raising awareness of the important support that Grove House will be able to provide. 
  • A new shop was opened in Berryfields, Aylesbury with a special focus on children’s products to reflect the care given locally  by the Children’s Hospice at Home service. 
  • We focused on building online retail income by identifying donated items that would sell well online to maximise the money raised from donations. 
Berryfields Shop opening
Daisy Cooper MP tours Grove House refurb with Tracey Hancock and Stewart Marks
Alice and Victoria stop for a panoramic selfie at Whiteleaf Cross-min


  • We rolled out a brand toolkit across the charity to ensure that Rennie Grove and what it stands for is communicated consistently.


shop with us
  • A survey and review of our supporter, volunteer and clinical audiences was commissioned to drive better understanding of their needs and inform our communications and decision making.
  • We encouraged senior staff to participate in national conversations using Twitter and other social media to raise the national profile of Rennie Grove. 
  • Our twice-yearly newsletter was reviewed and given a fresh new design and a new name, Rennie Grove Matters, to drive increased engagement. 


  • We continued to engage the local community to support us by volunteering in roles across the charity. From drivers, shop volunteers and receptionists to trustees and volunteers supporting  our clinical teams, each role makes a valuable contribution. 
  • We invited patients to take part in our clinical recruitment interviews.

Our network of charity shops raised £3.3 million during 2019-20, making a £1.1 million net contribution to patient care. 


Sheila and Shirley's story


Sheila Cathrow supporting hands volunteer
Sheila, from Chalfont St Giles, has been volunteering her time for Rennie Grove for eight years, initially as a receptionist at the charity’s Gillian King House office, before becoming part of the Supporting Hands service in September 2018.
“I find volunteering for Rennie Grove very rewarding, particularly because it cares for people at such a local level. One day it could be me, my husband or a friend who needs them. When it comes to Supporting Hands I really enjoy my volunteering role – I’ve met some lovely people through the project. So far I’ve been matched with three patients, and I’ve been visiting Shirley since September 2018."


Shirley is 83 and suffers from a chronic heart condition. She credits the Supporting Hands service with being able to stay in the home she loves:
“Physically now I feel like I can’t do much. I do have a walking frame but I’m not very mobile, plus I fall very easily due to low blood pressure. Now, on top of everything else, my eyesight is failing as well. All of this means I find it very hard to get out – apart from when Sheila, my volunteer from Supporting Hands, comes to visit me."
Shirley Mansfield is a supporting hands beneficiary


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