Our Impact - Efficiency

The efficiency section of our strategy applies across the charity. We strive to identify continual improvements in our efficiency and cost effectiveness to ensure as much resource as possible goes to clinical care. During 2019-20 key achievements in the following four main areas included:
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Progress in 2019-20


  • We held a staff conference and conducted a staff survey to ensure staff were engaged and heard.
  • We restructured a number of teams to ensure resource was concentrated where needed.
  • We completed a recruitment review to increase efficiency and maximise our ability to attract the best people to work for Rennie Grove.


  • During the Grove House redevelopment project we sourced other venues in St Albans to ensure there was as little disruption as possible to the delivery of services.
Grove House conservatory new


  • We began the migration to Microsoft 365 to increase efficiency and IT security.
  • We transitioned to using a web view of our supporter database which offered enhanced features and better access.
  • We used an online tool to assess our digital maturity and identify areas for development. 
  • We replaced the mobile phones used by our nurses to ensure they have reliable and up-to-date equipment.
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Systems & processes
  • We received expert advice to help us improve our efficiency and eliminate waste.
  • We moved to more efficient electronic systems for expenses, purchase orders and payslips.
  • We introduced a new online system for recruitment, allowing candidates to apply online and giving line managers better visibility of the application process.