Our Impact

We're committed to providing high quality care for patients and families that makes a real difference and ​we're proud to show the impact that this care has across the services we provide. 

With a focus on improvement, efficiency and engagement, our Impact Report ​sets out our progress in achieving our strategic objectives. 
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2019-20 Impact Report

The Improvement section of our strategy focuses on our clinical services and how they will adapt and grow to meet patient needs and our strategic aims.
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The engagement section of our strategy focuses on our income generation and awareness-raising activities and how we communicate with our audiences. 
Read more about ​engagement in 2019-20

The efficiency section of our strategy applies across the charity. We strive to identify continual improvements in our efficiency and cost effectiveness to ensure as much resource as possible goes to clinical care. 
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Full report

You can browse the full version of our 2019-20 Impact Report by flicking through in the e-reader below: