30 Years of Care

Thank you to everyone who helped us mark 30 years of caring in 2015. As treatments improve and patients live longer with life-limiting illness, we need to adapt our care provision accordingly so that we can continue to support the increasing number of people who will rely on our services.

30 years of care - a poem

Fiona Wordley, former Clinical Lead for Patient & Family Services at Rennie Grove, wrote a poem dedicated to three decades of hospice care in the local community. Read the poem here

Fiona Wright

Care through the decades

Although the way we provide care has changed over the decades, the main driving force behind the charities has always remained the same. Read what our patients and carers have said about our care today, 10, 20 and 30 years ago...


30 years of care from the staff perspective

Two of our longest serving members of staff reflected on how our care has changed over the years. Read Sue and Joan's articles...


30 years of valuable volunteers

Rennie Grove could not have achieved all it has done to date without the help of thousands of volunteers. Read about how volunteers of all ages make their contribution...


Our 30 year timeline

Over the last 30 years we have grown from small beginnings to caring for​ thousands of patients and families ​every year. See the milestones in the development of Rennie Grove Hospice Care...