22 June 2022

Trustees propose merger

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Trustees announce proposal to merge to offer improved and extended care for local people.

We are delighted to announce that, after a period of successful collaboration, the trustees of Rennie Grove Hospice Care and Peace Hospice Care are proposing to merge the two organisations into one new charity, called Rennie Grove Peace Hospice Care

Rennie Grove Peace Hospice Care merger proposed

Left to right: Stewart Marks, Chief Executive, Rennie Grove Hospice Care, Professor Stephen Spiro, Chair of Trustees, Rennie Grove Hospice Care, Dr Jeremy Shindler, Chair of Trustees, Peace Hospice Care, Jackie Tritton, Chief Executive Officer, Peace Hospice Care

We believe this merger will enable us to:

Serve - provide a wider range of services to support people in West Herts and Bucks to live as well as possible as they near the end of their lives

Reach - develop new and enhanced services to reach all sections of the local community and meet their changing needs

Strengthen – use our strengthened combined voice to secure the resources needed to ensure every local person receives the care they need, when they need it

Both charities are passionate about providing high-quality care for as many people as possible and are excited about the opportunity the merger will bring to reach more people in our local communities with even better care.

The support of people in our local community has never been more vital in helping us achieve this and we hope you will share our excitement and our vision and continue to support us in any way you can as we make this transition.

Stewart Marks, Chief Executive of Rennie Grove and the designate Chief Executive of the new organisation Rennie Grove Peace Hospice Care, said:

“With the number of people needing more complex end-of-life care rising every year, we must be ready to change and adapt to ensure that resources are used in the most effective ways. By merging, we will be able to pool our resources to reach many more people with even better care.  Our wonderful local community raises most of the cost of running our services so it’s important that we repay this incredible generosity by making sure we are always meeting the changing needs of everyone in the community. We believe that this merger will allow us to do that.”

Dr Jeremy Shindler, Chair of Trustees at Peace Hospice Care and the designate Chair of the new organisation, added:

“With palliative care we have just one chance to get it right and we are determined to do what is needed to ensure that happens for people in the areas we serve in Herts and Bucks.”

Stewart Marks, current Chief Executive of Rennie Grove has been appointed designate Chief Executive and Jackie Tritton, current Chief Executive Officer at Peace Hospice Care will become the new Chief Clinical Officer. Professor Stephen Spiro, current Chair of Trustees at Rennie Grove will be retiring when the merger takes effect having reached the end of his tenure.  

This proposal to merge aligns with the national drive for healthcare providers in all sectors to combine resources and work together to provide the best possible care for people in our local communities. 

Craig Duncan, Interim Chief Executive of Hospice UK said: 

“We have clearly identified in our future vision for hospices that they need to work more closely together to avoid duplication of services and maximise efficiencies. This is the best way to guarantee that resources are used effectively and to make hospice care sustainable in the longer term. The proposed merger of Rennie Grove and Peace Hospice Care is an example of forward-thinking organisations taking a proactive approach to securing the best care for their local communities for the future.”

The merger is subject to final approval of both the Charity Commission and the Members of Rennie Grove and is planned to take effect from target date 1 October 2022.

Do you have questions about the proposed merger? Read our FAQs here