09 June 2021

Think Local to Change Lives

With horizons broadening as restrictions ease, we are urging people to keep a local focus too.

Our Director of Retail & Trading, Deborah Gould, comments: “It’s undeniably positive to feel a sense of normality returning. To be able to see and stay with family and friends we’ve only seen on screen for months. Maybe even to go on holiday again. And closer to home, many of us are thrilled to be able to go shopping, eat out, and rejoin our local communities beyond our four walls once again.”

For ​our charity, it’s this local community element that’s so important.

“The specialist care we provide is for the local community, funded by the local community. Our nurses couldn’t keep caring without our local communities’ support,” says Deborah.”

Underpinning ​our unique hospice at home care, delivered by specialist nurses day and night in Bucks and Herts, is the sense of community offered by our charity shops. 

“Whether you come to our shops as a customer, a donor or a volunteer, you’re part of that community. We’re making it as safe as possible so people feel confident and comfortable about returning to our shops in any or all of these roles. 

“We know that many people are understandably nervous of taking the first tentative steps back to ‘normality’. We’ve all been through an emotional, life-changing journey during the pandemic – no matter what our personal experience was. We’ve had to make huge adjustments to the way we live, work and socialise. Now we have to readjust again and we’ll all do that at a different pace.”

Research suggests that the effects of the pandemic are complex and far-reaching. People’s responses depend not only on their own individual attitude to risk, but also to their personal experience during the pandemic. But beyond the obvious concerns regarding health and finance, research  shows that some people have responded by re-evaluating their lives completely, transforming their own habits to encompass eating more healthily, exercising more often and shopping more sustainably. 

“We know shopping sustainably is increasingly important to our customers too,” says Deborah. “And when you shop locally to support a local charity, your purchases have minimal impact on the planet but make a massive, life-changing difference to local families facing life-limiting illness.” 

Donating items for sale and giving your time as a volunteer has the same positive, life-changing impact, explains Deborah.

“Depending on its size, each of our shops needs between 30 and 50 volunteers donating half a day of their time each week. But whatever free time you have, do pop in to a shop near you and have a chat with the manager about getting involved. Meet new people, learn new skills and make a difference by volunteering in your local Rennie Grove shop. It could change your life too! 

“However you support your local Rennie Grove shop, you can be sure it will give your local community a much-needed boost.”

Visit our shops page to find your local Rennie Grove shop​!