22 December 2020

Vital care keeps families together over Christmas

Our hospice at home nurses will continue to make visits day and night throughout the entire festive season to keep patients out of hospital and at home with their families for what could be their last Christmas together.

Rennie Grove Nurses will be visiting patients all over Christmas

In a year that has been particularly challenging for all, our hospice at home teams have been a reassuring constant for those they are caring for.

Samantha Howard, our Director of Nursing and Patient Services said:

“Our patients and families have told us that when lockdown hit in March, many of the support services they were receiving stopped, but Rennie Grove kept on visiting and they have been incredibly grateful for that.

“When you are told that you don’t have much time left, you naturally want to spend that time doing the things you love to do with those you love most. The restrictions on seeing friends and wider family in place for much of this year, have made it all the more important that we do all we can to keep our patients out of hospital, where visiting has often been totally banned. By offering our specialist care and keeping patients at home, they are at least able to spend their time with those they live with or have formed bubbles with.”

All of this becomes even more important at Christmas, a time traditionally associated with seeing family and friends. Throughout the Christmas period, we will have a team of hospice at home nurses working night and day to provide essential routine care for patients and to respond to those who need help in an emergency.

Zoe Berkeley is one of our hospice at home nurses who will be on duty on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. She said: “Christmas is a time to give to others and share kindness and I’m honestly privileged to be able to help families stay together, especially at such a difficult time for them and after the challenging year that everyone has had with COVID-19.

“Our patients and families are always pleased to see us and are particularly grateful that our support is still there. I’m also pleased that by keeping people at home, we are not only giving them the best possible gift at Christmas, but we are also supporting the NHS as they cope with the usual winter pressures on top of the pandemic.

“Although I won’t be able to spend as much time with my own family this year, I know the work I am doing makes such a difference and that makes it all worth it. It’s an added bonus that the roads are quieter than normal!”