29 October 2020

Running 71 lengths of a football pitch in memory of Nanny

Tottenham U21 footballer Hannah Coote is running 71 lengths of a football pitch in memory of her nanny this Saturday to fundraise for Rennie Grove.

Her nan sadly died this September after being diagnosed with lung cancer, but she was able to stay at home with her family with help from Rennie Grove’s hospice at home team.

“It was very difficult to see her in that way but she was very happy to be with us because obviously she was in hospital before,” said Hannah.

“To be with us was very special to her, she couldn’t have chosen a better place to be.”

“The care that Rennie Grove provided was exactly what we needed,” said Hannah. “Their specialist care really helped.”

Hannah Coote

Hannah’s nan would have celebrated her 71st birthday on 31 October, so Hannah is running 71 lengths of a football pitch to mark the date.

Hannah featured in the Watford U23’s squad and first team before signing with Tottenham’s U21 squad this March.

“I absolutely adored her,” said Hannah on her fundraising page. “She was hilarious, so caring (way too generous!) and we were very close. We miss her so much, however we’ll remember and reflect on all the happy and funny memories we shared over the years.”

Hannah and her nan

“She would find me crazy for doing this, but I'm doing this to celebrate her life on her birthday, and for everyone at the hospice, who deal with this day to day.”

“It’s going to be a challenge,” said Hannah. “Hopefully my fitness will be up to it. I’ve got enough motivation and seeing the support from everyone has really given me a boost.”

Hannah’s fundraising for Rennie Grove has almost reached £2,000 already, smashing her original target of £500.

“Any donation, no matter how little, would be greatly appreciated in order to support the work of these nurses,” said Hannah.

You can support Hannah by donating to her fundraising page here.