07 October 2020

Help Bev’s Big Charity Ride fundraiser reach £30,000

Bevan Clark recently completed his solo cycle along the length of Great Britain, from Land’s End to John O’Groats, in just ten days.

“I just knew I needed to do something to help the charity,” said Bevan. “I thought if I was going to do anything, I would do something massive.”

Bevan Clark Bevs Big Bike Ride

The father of two wanted to fundraise to help pay back some of the kindness and support given to his friend by Rennie Grove nurses.

He set out to ride 100 miles every day to complete the 947 mile journey in ten days. 

“Back at home, the funds and messages of support came flooding in. Every new donation sent an update to my phone and these updates kept me pedalling to the very end,” said Bevan.

Bevan has raised over £25,000 so far, and he is now eager to reach £30,000 before the fundraiser closes so the total amount will pay the salary of one of Rennie Grove’s nurses for a whole year. Donate to Bev’s page to help him reach the target online at bevsbigcharityride.com

Bevan is not a practiced cyclist. In fact, he hasn’t cycled for over 30 years. But he wanted to complete this challenge in honour of his friend’s love for cycling. Bevan also took on the challenge with Steve’s bike. 

Steve’s wife Jane Russell said: “It’s great that Bevan is able to take Steve, or at least a big part of Steve’s hobby as a keen triathlete, with him on his challenge. He would have been very proud.”

Bevan gave us some stats to show just what it takes to complete a challenge like this. 

Bevan and his support team estimate that during the challenge he ate 789 Jelly Babies, 19 scotch eggs, 23 large pork pies, 36 bananas and 39 slices of peanut butter on toast.

He drank around 139 litres of water and 17 bottles of Lucozade. 

Bevan visited 16 counties on his bike ride, burnt through 24,837 calories and spent a total of 62 hours and 48 minutes cycling. 

This is a mammoth achievement by Bevan and a huge sum raised to help with Rennie Grove’s care for patients and families.

Help Bevan get to £30,000 by donating here: bevsbigcharityride.com