07 May 2020

Ahnie takes on birthday scoot for the nurses who care for him

Young Rennie Grove patient, Ahnie, will be celebrating his fourth birthday by taking on a scooting challenge to raise money for the nurses who care for him.

 Young Rennie Grove patient Ahnie will celebrate his 4th birthday by taking on a scooting challenge for the nurses who cared for him

Ahnie, who lives in High Wycombe, is registered blind and has ataxia which affects his strength, co-ordination and balance. For his challenge he will be attempting to scoot 400m in the park on his much-loved purple scooter on 17 May. Ahnie’s mum, Fran Marjoram, explains:

“400m is a really big thing for Ahnie and it will take all his energy to achieve this but we all want to help him mark his fourth birthday by celebrating something he can do like any other four year old and raise money for Rennie Grove too.”

Ahnie’s condition has not yet been fully diagnosed, but his family know that it is progressive and that it is unlikely he will be able to do this sort of activity in a year’s time. In addition to the rare eye condition which has caused him to become blind, the ataxia causes him to collapse many times a day. Fran continues:

“Despite his problems, Ahnie loves life. He is really feisty and throws himself into everything at full speed. He recognises that he can’t do everything other children can, but he is very determined to do as much as possible and that’s why, providing he is well on the day, I am very confident that he will succeed in this challenge.

“The Rennie Grove Children’s Hospice at Home team have been amazing. Terry has built up a brilliant relationship with Ahnie and one of the most valuable parts of the service they provide is supporting me with the hospital appointments we need to attend. Having someone to help with Ahnie means that I can focus more on what I am being told and ask the questions on my list. 

“It’s also so reassuring to have their expert advice. I can call on the Rennie Grove team at any time of the day or night and I have used this a few times when Ahnie has had a health blip and I have been worried. Having someone with specialist skills so easily available is so helpful and I know that if Ahnie’s needs change in the future, they will be there to support me with that too.

“The current coronavirus pandemic has put a real focus on how hard it can be to deal with health challenges. However, some of us are dealing with this all the time and I know it would be 100% harder without the support of services like Rennie Grove. Ahnie’s challenge is a great way for us to show how grateful we are.”

Leanne Spriggs, Manager of the Children’s Hospice at Home team at Rennie Grove said: “We’d like to wish Ahnie the very best of luck with his challenge. He is such a lovely and lively character and it is a privilege for us to be able to support him and his family in any way we can.”

If you’d like to show your support for Ahnie in his challenge, you can sponsor him on www.gofundme.com/f/ahnies-big-scoot