21 November 2019

Help families spend Christmas at home

Helen Chester is a Hospice at Home nurse working in our South Bucks team. Here, Helen asks if you can help local families to spend their final Christmas at home together.

Basey family at Christmas 

“What I love about being a Rennie Grove nurse is that we can be there any time day or night, 365 days a year. Our 24-hour responsive care is never more important than at Christmas, when so many other healthcare providers offer a reduced service.

“Our role is to use our skills and knowledge to make sure patients feel comfortable, safe and confident to lead the life they want to until the end.”

Mandy’s family – husband Kevin, daughter Laura and son James – know first-hand how our nurses help families spend a last Christmas together.

James explains: “Mum had a relatively short illness, which started out with lung cancer and spread to her liver, skin and ultimately her brain. She fought it with all she could and sometimes you wouldn’t even realise she was ill. Her main aim was to get to Christmas with all her family around her.

“Rennie Grove’s nurses made that possible. Without their constant support, practical advice and compassionate care, we wouldn’t have had the same quality time together as a family. The nurses gave us the confidence to care for mum at home.

“Rennie Grove nurses always took the time to talk to us. You could tell they really cared. Mum felt that too. Her face would light up when we said they were coming.

“We can’t thank Rennie Grove enough for enabling us to make happy memories in those final days of mum’s life. Thanks to them, mum lived the life she wanted to until the very end, and passed away peacefully in her home with her family around her. Christmas is going to be hard this year, but those memories will help us get through it.”

Please spare whatever you can afford to make a difference to families preparing for their last Christmas together. £25 will pay for one of hour of nursing care for a patient like Mandy. We need to find £21,000 every day to help all those who need them and your help will make a real difference.

You can donate securely ​here or by calling 01442 890222. Thank you.