09 May 2019

Could you leave a lasting legacy?

Sue Varvel, recently retired Director of Nursing at Rennie Grove Hospice Care, explains why she has left a gift to the charity in her Will.


“Do you find there are times in life when you pause to reflect on what matters most? I’ve done that myself recently as I’ve been preparing to leave Rennie Grove after 31 years. Looking back, I know I’ve made a difference to patients and their families and I wonder, have you thought about the difference you’ve made?

“I joined Rennie Grove in 1988 and I’ve seen much change since then. Compassionate, professional care, available day and night, remains at the heart of what the charity does. And with treatment and equipment getting better and better, services evolve all the time.

“There are issues to be faced, though. The side effects of extended treatment mean that by the end-of-life, the care people need can be very complicated. We know the population is getting older, so in the next 20 years more people than ever will need end-of-life care. With the pressures on the NHS and a national shortage of nurses, providing the service in the future will be a challenge.

“That’s where Rennie Grove’s generous supporters come in – people who care and want to help the local community.


“Many supporters decide that they can help by leaving a gift in their Will. Is this something you could consider? One in three of Rennie Grove’s nurses is currently funded by gifts in Wills.

“I’ve pledged a gift in my Will because I want to make sure this service is here for my children and grandchildren. I’m not wealthy, but I want to support more families with what I leave behind. A gift to Rennie Grove will prepare the charity for the challenges ahead.

“The 24/7 care its nurses provide mean the world to ordinary families – the support they received, delivered when it mattered most, is made possible through the generosity of people like you.

“So please consider supporting Rennie Grove in this way. If there’s anything you’d like to ask our friendly Gifts in Wills team please get in touch on 01442 507344 or legacy@renniegrove.org.”