19 March 2019

£25 is all it takes

Can you help night-time nurses from Rennie Grove Hospice Care by donating just £25? What you would spend on two cinema tickets, pays for an hour-long visit from a member of Rennie Grove’s night team to a patient with a life-limiting illness for whom there is very limited access to practical, specialist support outside of “normal” surgery hours.

Sue and Rob care at night appeal

When Rob, who had a type of blood cancer, was very ill in the night his wife Sue felt totally helpless and distraught. Sue said: “I don’t know what I would have done if Rennie Grove’s overnight team hadn’t been there. I would have had to call 999 – but it was important to us that Rob stayed at home. We didn’t want him to die in hospital, but if he’d been admitted at that stage, there’s no way he would have come home again.”

“I rang the overnight team and it was the best thing I could have done. They came to us as soon as they could and they were amazing. It wasn’t just the kind efficient care they gave Rob, it was also that they knew exactly the right thing to say at precisely the right time. From unbearable anxiety and distress they helped us all feel at peace again. They restored my confidence; they explained what I should expect next and they made an traumatic situation bearable. I was able to wrap my arms round Rob again and know he was at peace now.

“The nurses came back three or four times that night. I never asked them to return - they just knew it was what we needed, they were so lovely – our angels of the night.”

Anne Graham who leads Rennie Grove’s overnight hospice at home nursing team said: “Patients and their families often tell us that being able to pick up the phone at night offers them a lifeline. We all know that the fears and doubts we cope with during the day can overwhelm us at night. For people affected by life-limiting illness that feeling can be magnified. Sometimes you need help and you need it now. For me, it’s a huge honour to be able to offer that help. But we couldn’t continue to provide our unique service without the ongoing support of local people.

“By making a donation of £25 or whatever you can afford you’ll be helping our night nurses reach people like Sue and Rob. Thank you.”

You can donate by calling 01442 890222 or at www.renniegrove.org/careatnight.