03 March 2019

Campaign to 'Open Up' access to care

Rennie Grove Hospice Care is joining forces with other hospices across the UK to support a new campaign aimed at widening access to the vital support they provide for people with life-limiting conditions and those who care for them.

 Open Up Hospice Care

The Open Up Hospice Care campaign – which launched on 4 March and is led by national hospice and palliative care charity Hospice UK- highlights how hospice care is available beyond hospice in-patient units, including in people’s homes.

Watch the Open Up Hospice Care film

One in four people in the UK miss out on the care they need according to earlier research by the national charity - for a range of reasons including: a lack of or late referrals to hospice services and low levels of awareness about hospice care and where and when this support is available.

Also, studies have shown that people from economically deprived areas, black and minority ethnic communities and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people can experience barriers to accessing end of life care services.

Hospice UK and local hospices are working to tackle this through initiatives to extend care to more people, such as expanding community services and reaching out to the different groups of people who have been missing out on vital support, including those caring for their loved ones at home.

At Rennie Grove, all care is delivered in patients’ homes or in day services which helps overcome some of the barriers that people have to accessing hospice care.

hospice at home

However, increasing awareness about Rennie Grove’s services and encouraging referrals at an earlier stage is a focus for the future. Earlier referrals will enable everyone to plan better for the end of life, avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and ultimately benefit from a better end-of-life experience.

Through initiatives such as the volunteer Supporting Hands service Rennie Grove is also offering both patients and carers more practical support with aspects of daily living they are finding hard.

Stewart Marks, Chief Executive at Rennie Grove said: “We are pleased to be part of this campaign and hope that it helps bust some of the commonly-held myths around hospice care. Hospice care is not just about providing beds for the dying, it is about empowering people to choose to live well throughout their illness, which may be for many years. We know we can make a real difference if we have enough time to work with people, so by encouraging earlier referrals we hope to ensure that we give the very best care to our local community.”