18 June 2018

Model of care in Beijing

Representatives from Rennie Grove Hospice Care will be showcasing the charity’s Hospice at Home model of care at the UK-China Oncology Congress in Beijing later this month.

Jo and Andrea 

China now accounts for approximately 20% of the world’s new cancer cases and 27% of the world’s cancer deaths.  And its 5-year survival rates are around 1/3rd lower than in the UK. The Congress will unite the cancer communities in UK and China to move forward attempts to reduce the global cancer burden.

Andrea Lambert, Head of Children’s Services and Jo Clarke Head of Training and Education at Rennie Grove will join other UK exhibitors to share cancer care expertise with a large Chinese audience of buyers and distributors, universities, hospitals, and organisations responsible for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care in oncology.

At the Congress, Rennie Grove’s representatives will focus on presenting the palliative care aspect of the cancer patient’s journey.  They will specifically promote the clinical care delivered to patients by the charity’s specialist nursing teams, the support available to their families and the benefits of delivering these services out of hospital.

Andrea said, “The culture of palliative care in China is very different from in the UK.  In China, all care for cancer patients is delivered in hospital with no provision for care at home. Rennie Grove’s Hospice at Home service focuses on giving our patients – both children and adults – with a life limiting illness, the choice to receive end of life care at home surrounded by their family and friends.”

“As well as sharing our Hospice at Home model with Congress delegates, we are looking to generate income for Rennie Grove by offering groups of Chinese doctors and nurses the chance to visit the UK to spend time with our nurses observing our unique model of palliative care in the community,” adds Jo Clarke.  “We’re also offering the opportunity to undertake a 5 day intensive palliative care certified course delivered by a senior lecturer at the University of Buckinghamshire.”

Whilst at the Congress, Andrea and Jo will learn more about and influence Chinese government policies and priorities, and explore the latest trends and hot topics in oncology.